The shit that goes down in good old Boston Town. Well, the shit that happens to me. I can tell you now that all of these stories are true, in that they have actually happened to me. Don't believe it? Fuck you I'm from Boston.

Disclaimer: this blog is meant to be fun and to make people laugh, it is in no way being used to slander, put-down, or condemn any person, place, or event in Boston or anywhere else. The jokes on here are meant to be harmless fun and if you don't like it or don't have a sense of humor, then you can move along. The GIFs I use are not my own, and I give credit when I can/remember to.

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Paying rent in Boston


When I go drinking on Newbury street


When women in Boston drink

Boston back at work after St. Patrick’s Day


Boston the day after St. Patrick’s Day

All of Boston on St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Boston getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day

Boston drivers

When people not from New England say “wicked”