Shit that happens to me in Boston.

Disclaimer: this blog is meant to be fun and to make people laugh, it is in no way being used to slander, put-down, or condemn any person, place, or event in Boston or anywhere else. The jokes on here are meant to be harmless fun. The GIFs I use are not my own, and I give credit when I can/remember to.

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I’m going to Europe for three weeks on vacation see you all if when I get back


Sitting on the T everyday like


I just noticed this thank you guys so much!!! you all rock you boston massholes

also, a PSA: first person to capture mark wahlberg while he films ted 2 and brings him to me gets a gold star

When someone moves to Boston for the first time

lifeofdannahmal asked: Seriously the most accurate "probs" blog. I'm originally from KY but I live in Allston. I'm back 'home' aka Kentucky for the winter and your blog is making me sad/nostalgic/wanting to start a countdown for when can I go back to the New England tundra that is Boston.

come back to bostonnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Walking behind people on Newbury St


When I get the last parking spot on my street

When the air conditioning on the T is broken